Mini MUA Haul!

Hello lovelies!

I’m very new to this whole tumblr thing, but I thought I’d give it a go (go easy on me!)

So, I know I’m a little behind on this whole MUA hype, but I recently went to Superdrug and bought a few little things that I thought I’d share.

All of the standard MUA products are £1, as you probably know, but its such amazing value! And all of the MUA Professional products are individually priced, so you’ll have to go check those out yourself.

The first thing I bought was a mascara. If it’s good enough and it only costs £2, why not!


I bought it in black, as I only wear black mascara, and I have to say I’m impressed! It curls my lashes amazingly and makes them so long it looks like I’m wearing false eyelashes. Its amazing value at just £2 and they do them in black, brown and blue (I think!) The packaging is also really good quality and I think it looks quite nice!
My opinion: Amazing!

Next I bought an eye-shadow palette.


I bought the Heaven and Earth palette as I love to wear a natural smokey eye on a day-to-day basis, and this was also on offer so I only paid £3 rather than £4. Even bigger bargain!
These eye-shadows, in my opinion, are awesome. They’re really pigmented and last SO long its unreal. You get a few matte shades and a few satin shades and they are all as lovely to use as the last. And once again, they made a cheap but amazing product with lovely packaging.
My opinion: Excellent value for money and really pigmented shades. 

Lastly, I bought two lipst 

Shade 6 & Shade 12

Shade 6 is a beautiful baby pink when you look at it, but it swatches a darker version of itself in my opinion. And the same goes for shade 12. They’ve got a lovely texture, and they leave your lips quite glossy and “sheen-y” when you’ve applied them and they do last quite a while too. They’re very pigmented and you barely have to use any of it to get a good colour on your lips. I think they’re a winner at just £1! The only drawbacks are the lids don’t stay on very well on some of them (so you might need to watch out in your handbag!) and they don’t have a snazzy name like most lipsticks do.
My opinion: Cheap as chips, but bludy lovely! 

Hope you enjoy reading, and sorry its so late!

Love xoxo-baby